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Q : how do you spell enemy in three letters ?
A : f-o-e (not n-m-e)

Q : what do open meetings reveal ?
A : closed minds

Q : what word will make you sick if you take away the first letter ?
A : music

Q : when two corpuscles meet and stay together, how do you call them ?
A : lovers in vein

Q : what makes God good ?
A : adding letter "o"

Q : what is the difference between a US President and an old hat ?
A : one is sworn in and the other is worn out

Q : what question can never be answered by "yes" ?
A : are you asleep?

Q : what word is pronounced wrong even by the smartest people ?
A : wrong

Q : why are women like wine ?
A : they are tastier for a little aging

Q : three girls walked to school under one umbrella, why didn't any of them get wet ?
A : it wasn't raining

Q : if you took three apples from a basket that held 13 apples, how many apples would you have ?
A : three apples

Q : what is a pig after it is three days old ?
A : four days old

Q : what animal has its eye nearest together ?
A : the smallest

Q : why is "A" like a honeysuckle ?
A : because a "B" follows it

Q : what has four wheels and flies ?
A : a garbage truck

Q : what did man do when he learned that he could not live by bread alone ?
A : he invented the sandwich

Q : what is it that can speak all languages ?
A : an echo

Q : if your uncle's sister is not your aunt, what relation is she to you ?
A : your mother

Q : what kind of coat is made without buttons and put on wet ?
A : a coat of paint

Q : why is it that a bachelor never wants a wife to share his life ?
A : because he knows that some of those shareholders wind up as directors