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Q : why is another person's secret like another person's money ?
A : because you are not as careful with it as you are with your own

Q : how can you remove "A" from the alphabet ?
A : b-head it

Q : what is the next best thing to knowing ?
A : knowing where to find it

Q : why is memory like a child walking along a seashore ?
A : because you never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things

Q : what are the two troubles about man ?
A : he cannot learn truths which are too complicated and he forgets truths which are too simple

Q : a woman had five children. Half of them were boys; what were the other half ?
A : boys, too

Q : why is a lame dog like a schoolboy adding six and seven together ?
A :because it puts down three and carries one

Q : what is the best way to keep loafers from standing on street corners ?
A : give them chairs so that they can sit down

Q : what is the difference between beautiful young people and beautiful old people ?
A : beatiful young people are accidnts of nature, beautiful old people are works of art

Q : why are seasick excursionists like stubborn congressmen ?
A : because they are opposed to the motion

Q : what's the difference between courage and temerity ?
A : courage is leaving a restaurant where you have just dined without a healthy tip; temerity is going back there for lunch the next day

Q : what's the best way to suffocate a thought ?
A : express it with too many words

Q : what is that of which the common sort is best ?
A : sense

Q : what is the difference between the bus and the sidewalk ?
A : the bus fare

Q : what does the sun do when it sets ?
A : night

Q : what is that which has never been felt, seen or heard, never existed and still has a name ?
A : nothing

Q : what wheel goes 'round and 'round without touching the ground ?
A : ferris wheel

Q : what's the best thing to do if you want people to notice your faults ?
A : give advice

Q : what is always broken before it is used ?
A : an egg