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Q : why is a baseball player like a spider ?
A : because he catches a fly

Q : what is the difference between a man with a green thumb and a man with a purple thumb ?
A : a man with a green thumb is a good gardener, but a man with a purple thumb is a nearsighted carpenter

Q : when is a black dog most likely to enter a house ?
A : when the door is open

Q : why are marriages like diets ?
A : because they can be ruined by having a little dish on the side

Q : what makes brow grow ?
A : letter "G"

Q : why is a sheet of writing paper like a lazy dog ?
A : a sheet of writing paper is an inklined plane; and an inclined plane is a slope up; a slow pup is a lazy dog

Q : what is the best tip for those going abroad ?
A : in an underdeveloped country, don't drink the water; in an overdeveloped country, don't breathe the air

Q : why is "O" the noisiest vowel ?
A : all the other vowels are inaudible

Q : why do bumblebees hum ?
A : because they don't know the words

Q : why doesn't a train ever sit down ?
A : because it has a tender behind

Q : what is lighter than a feather yet harder to hold ?
A : your breath

Q : what is it that never uses its teeth for eating purposes ?
A : a comb

Q : what is the difference between a smart person and a brilliant person ?
A : a smart person is he who believes only half of what he hears. A brilliant person is he who knoes which half to believe

Q : what will happen to the sun if you (u) come out and I (i) come in ?
A : sun will become sin

Q : there's an english word that works this way ? The first two letters signify a male; the first three letters signify a female; the first four letters a great man, and the whole word a great woman. What is the word ?
A : heroine

Q : what must you keep after giving it to someone else ?
A : your word

Q : what do we have in December that we do not have in any month ?
A : the letter "D"

Q : what are the two strangest thing that happened ?
A : a deaf and a dumb man picked up a wheel and spoke; a blind man picked a hammer and saw

Q : what English word, when printed in capitals, reads the same forward, backward and upside down ?
A : noon

Q : how can it be proved that a horse has six legs ?
A : he has fore (four) legs in front and two behind