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Q : what is the best parent combination ?
A : it consist of a father who is gentle beneath his firmness, and a mother who is firm beneath her gentleness

Q : where do things always look greener ?
A : in the other fellow's wallet

Q : what has a foot and a head but can't walk or think ?
A : a hill

Q : why does the moon go to the banks ?
A : to change quarters

Q : what runs all around the cow pasture, yet never moves ?
A : the fence

Q : what is the best toast to the weapons of war ?
A : may they rust in peace

Q : Two indians are standing on a bridge. One is the father of the other's son. What relation are the two indians ?
A : husband and wife

Q : what has one entrance and three exits ?
A : a t-shirt

Q : what makes man mean ?
A : letter "E"

Q : what is better than God, worse than evil and if you eat it, you will die ?
A : nothing

Q : why is letter "T" like magic ?
A : because it transforms a man into a mat

Q : what is the best way to prove the energizing power of solar energy ?
A : watch a girl in a bikini, sit down in a metal chair that's been out in the sun

Q : why did the moron go to football game ?
A : because he thought the quarterback was a refund

Q : is it correct to say "between you and I" ?
A : yes, when you say "n" comes between "u" and "i" in the word united

Q : why are wives like fishermen ?
A : they brag about the one that got away and complain about the one they kept

Q : what does a girl mean when she says "you're going too far" ?
A : she means you're going too close

Q: why are women like wine ?
A : they are tastier for a little aging

Q : what is the difference between a wedding and a marriage ?
A : a wedding is an event, but marriage is an achievement