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Q : what is it that every child spends much time making, yet no one can ever see it when made ?
A : noise

Q : why is doing a business without advertising like winking at a girl in the dark ?
A : because you know what you are doing, but no one else does

Q : whta is the best repartee in politics ?
A : a majority

Q : beside 100 raindrops, what do 50 raindrops plus 50 raindrops make ?
A : a puddle

Q : what is it that is lower with ahead than without one ?
A : a pillow

Q : i have a head and a tail, but no body. what am i ?
A : a coin

Q : what's the trouble with being a good sport ?
A : you have to lose in order to prove it

Q : economically speaking, when is the best time to buy anything ?
A : last year

Q : what does a credit card create ?
A : instant debt

Q : how can you find a "chip off the old block" ?
A : just "axe" the block

Q : what is the sure way to grow fat ?
A : raise hogs

Q : what are the two difficult careers that are entrusted to amateurs ?
A : citizenship and parenthood

Q : which of the stars should be subject to the game laws ?
A : shooting stars

Q : why is doing a woman's work like walking down a railroad track ?
A : because the end seems in sight but never is

Q : i am something that always increases, the more i am shared with others. what do you think i am ?
A : happiness

Q : who makes light of his work ?
A : the elctrician

Q : why is making marriage work like running a farm ?
A : because you have to start all over again each morning

Q : what's the trouble with some self made men ?
A : they insist on giving everybody their recipe

Q : what is the best way to make time go fast ?
A : use the spur of the moment

Q : i occur once in every minute, twice in every moment, and yet never in a thousand years. what am I ?
A : letter "m"