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Q : what word can be pronounced quicker by adding another syllable to it ?
A : quick

Q : on the word "cloves", why are "c" and "s", although separated, closely attached ?
A : because there is love between them

Q : when is a piece of wood like a king ?
A : when it ismade into a ruler

Q : what do you use twice in everyday, four times in every week, and only once in a year ?
A : letter "E"

Q : when can you kick about a gift ?
A : when it is a baseball

Q : what is the difference between a dog losing its hair and a man painting a small building ?
A : one sheds his coat and the other coats his shed

Q ; how does the letter "A" help a deaf woman ?
A : it makes her hear

Q : when is an icy sidewalk like music ?
A : because if you don't c-sharp, you will b-flat

Q : soldiers mark time with their feet. what does the same thing with its hands ?
A : a watch

Q : what is the sculptor's favorite cake ?
A : marble cake

Q : what falls but doesn't break, and what breaks but doesn't fall ?
A : night falls but doesn't break, day breaks but doesn't fall

Q : what is the difference between the world's heavyweight boxing champion and a man with a cold ?
A : one knows his blows and the other blows his nose

Q : how can you always have what you please ?
A : if you will be pleased with what you have

Q : what is better than to give credit where credit is due ?
A : give cash

Q : why are money and a secret a like ?
A : because both are difficult to keep

Q : no man wants me, but once he's got me, no man wants to lose me. what am i ?
A : a bald head

Q : what is always filled when in use and empty at rest ?
A : a shoe

Q : what is it that can be broken without being hit or dropped ?
A : a promise

Q : what is unable to think or speak, yet tells the truth to all the world ?
A : a true balance

Q : in what month do women talk the least ?
A : february, because it's the shortest