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Q : why is letter "B" like a fire ?
A : because it makes oil boil

Q : when do you always wish you were having an adventure ?
A : when you're safe at home

Q : is there a word in the English language that contains all the vowels ?
A : yes ( UnquEstIOnAbly )

Q : what is the longest word in the English language ?
A : smiles, because there is a mile between the first letter and the last

Q : why are women like firearms ?
A : because they are dangerous only in inexperienced hands

Q : what has four eyes and run more than 2000 miles ?
A : the mississippi

Q : what is the best inscription to a bracelet you are planning to give to a retired librarian ?
A : "Shhhhhhhhhh"

Q : what letter is never found in the alphabet ?
A : the one you put in the mail

Q : what is the best way to drive a nail without mashing your fingers ?
A : hold the hammer with both hands

Q : what is so nice about egotists ?
A : they don't talk about other people

Q : i have cities with no houses, forests without trees, rivers without water. What am I ?
A : a map

Q : why is a river rich ?
A : because it always have two banks

Q : what is the best way to be an agreeable guest ?
A : enjoy oneself

Q : why are pianos noble in character ?
A : because they are upright and grand

Q : who always wins in a table discussion ?
A : the man with the smallest appetite

Q : no matter how smart you are, what is the only thing you will always overlook ?
A : your nose

Q : what is the similarity between beauty and ugliness ?
A : both of them are only skin-deep

Q : where will you find the center of gravity ?
A : a yardat the letter "v"

Q : what is better than presence of mind  in an automobile accident ?
A : absence of body

Q : internationally speaking, what makes oil an odd thing ?
A : it seems to cause a lot of friction