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Q : eight men are in a room. Each man shakes hands with each of the others once. How many handshakes are there ?
A : 28 handshakes (remember that when "A" shakehands with "B", "B" has already shaken hands with "A" and need not do it again)

Q : what can you break with a whisper more easily than you can with a hammer ?
A : a secret

Q : why are flowers lazy ?
A :because you'll always find them in beds

Q : what is the best thing to take when you are run down ?
A : the number of the car that hit you

Q : what is the difference between a poor man and a featherbed ?
A : one is "hard up" and the other is soft down

Q : what is a waffle ?
A : a pancake with a non-skid tread

Q : why is a banana peel like a sweater ?
A : because you can slip on both

Q : what's so good about pride swallowing ?
A : it's non-fattening

Q : the first part of an odd number is removed and it becomes even. what is it ?
A : (s)even

Q : what is the difference between a sixteen-ounce baby and a man working busily in his typewriter ?
A : one weighs a pound and the other pounds away

Q : why is a prudent man like a pin ?
A : because his head prevents him from going too far

Q : what's the difference between love and envy ?
A : love looks through a telescope, envy through a microscope

Q : when may a man's coat pocket be empty and yet have something in it ?
A : when it has a hole in it

Q : why are fishes well educated ?
A : because they travel in schools

Q : what's the trouble with the future ?
A : it usually arrives before we're ready for it

Q : why are the tallest people always the laziest ?
A : because they are longer in bed than others

Q : why is a ropemaker like a poet ?
A : because he makes lines

Q : while conversing with teenagers, why do parents env the United Nations ?
A : because it has earphones which give instant, simultaneous translations

Q : what binds two peple together yet only touches one ?
A : a wedding ring

Q : what's the common thing about children of all ages ?
A : they close their ears to advice and open their eyes to example